Business Domain

C-Square specializes in system integration focused on the development of web applications for mobile systems, CMS, CRM, and e-commerce in tune with the times based on the most advanced web and mobile technology.

C-Square has been involved in many projects for major companies and large-scale websites, and boasts extensive experience in all areas of developing application systems including analyzing businesses and needs, system and database design, hardware computation, logic process development and more.
We are also highly acclaimed for implementing web systems including e-commerce site construction, our advanced technical skills and expertise in development and implementation, as well as our vast business and working knowledge.

Our strengths lie in various solutions and core systems such as e-commerce sites which support a diverse business strategy and marketing needs for websites, skills to implement complex back end logic to construct systems that link with external systems, and the aptitude to provide optimized architecture based on a framework.

We can further provide a fully customized system to meet client needs and always add value that surpasses client expectations by utilizing our extensive development experience. We are also engaged in helping companies extend overseas through localization and reinforcing local support in an economy that will rapidly expand globally in the coming years.

We aim to be a company that serves as a borderless hub that can move people, merchandise, money, and information as the number of companies seeking out new markets and business opportunities overseas have increased. We will expand our overseas business support, with our 'e-commerce company','logistics company','financial company' that ground themselves in IT

We have set up a ground-breaking structure that goes beyond being just IT systems by customizing development for overseas business, producing multilingual websites, developing overseas channels, as well as providing overseas sales support and comprehensive distribution services by our three companies.

We will proactively maintain local bases throughout the Asian regions where there is high growth potential particularly in consumables, and offer an environment that can reliably approach overseas targets. We believe in adding to your business by adding high value/efficiency and generating more cash flow by using superior technology as a foundation to not only provide partial IT system technology, sales, or logistics, but to develop a multilateral business that integrates the total process of goods to revenue.

C-Square provides an environment that allows you to reliably approach overseas targets by bridging the gap with expertise and cutting edge technology.

Show off your core competence to the world.

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