Philosophy and Vision of C²


Based on our fundamental philosophy, C-Square shall always be an innovative global enterprise unrestricted to convention and preconceived notions, contributing towards the continual development of society in all parts of the world.

20 Year Vision in the Making

Inspired by the first managerial vision established at the time C-Square was founded, we have formed a long-term 20 year plan with 5 year cycles since our inception, and have built an unyielding managerial foundation that adapts to changes in industrial environments to realize our goals. 2012 marks the beginning of the 3rd cycle and the start of our "Challenge XV" plan.


ChallengeV – Expand & Stabilize System Development Business

Major Challenges
・Expansion and stabilization of web/mobile SI business
・Cultivation of clients and business partners
・Launch of solution business


ChallengeX - Expand Business Domains

Major Challenges
・Quality improvement and standardization of system development processes
・Accumulation of technology assets from large-scale website projects
・Expansion of soulition business(3 sectors)
・Launch of original services, establishement of in-company business units(3 units)
・Launch of global business(1 business model)


ChallengeXV - Enhance Operational Capacity

Major Challenges
・Further specialization of system development business
・Expansion of soulition business
・Expansion of development projects as the main contractor
・Acquisition of ISMS/ISO9001 certificate
・Expansion of overseas business network(15 sites)


ChallengeXX - Establish Holding Company Structure

Major Challenges
・Spin-off of in-company business units
・Establishment of holding company
・IPO in Japan and Korea
・M&A of engineering and solution companies(3 companies)
・Expansion of global business(incorporating in 8 Asian countries)

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