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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The personal information of the customer ("Personal Information") provided by the customer will be managed in the following manner by C-Square Inc. ("Company").

1. Company will comply with laws and standards concerning the protection of Personal Information, and take all necessary measures to protect the Personal Information of the customer.

2. The purposes of using Personal Information
Company will utilize Personal Information properly within the following purposes.
(Personal Information registered by Company)
- with respect to the service, a) for confirmation of the individual’s identity, b) for billing purposes, c) for notification purposes in connection with changes of charges and service conditions, installation dates, service suspension, and contract termination, and d) for any other purpose necessary for the provisioning of the services;
- with respect to the service and any other services provided the Company, a) to conduct sales promotion of the Company’s services, b) to conduct customer surveys and c) to send promotional materials or gifts, etc. by means including the use of telephone, email and postal services;
(Other Personal Information)
- for purposes of improving Company’s services and for developing new services;
- to answer any questions or provide consultation as may be requested by the customer;
In addition to the purposes for using Personal Information listed above, Company may from time to time specify other use purposes through provisioning of services and customer surveys.
Please note that customer phone calls may be recorded to ensure that orders, opinions, requests, inquiries, etc. are accurately understood and to improve the quality of service in the future.

3. To manage Personal Information properly, Company will protect Personal Information provided by the customer through continuous efforts to:
1) maintain internal regulations and internal management system to protect Personal Information, 2) provide employee training, and 3) take appropriate measures against illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure of Personal Information.

4. Entrustment of Personal Information
Company will neither disclose nor provide Personal Information to a third party. However, Personal Information may be entrusted to Company’s vendors or business partners to the extent reasonably necessary for the fulfillment of purposes in "2. The purposes of using Personal Information."

In such cases, Company will select an appropriate vendor who has implemented necessary measures to protect Personal Information, and Company will take all appropriate and necessary actions including but not limited to entering into contractual agreement with the vendor to protect customer’s Personal Information.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated above, Company may provide Personal Information to governmental authority (e.g. Courts and Police) if required or requested properly pursuant to law.

5. Helpdesk Services
If you wish to request disclosures (disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, suspension of usage, or suspension of provision to third parties) of Personal Information provided to us, please contact the following helpdesk. The helpdesk will respond to your request in a timely manner. Please note that with respect to customer requests for disclosure of Personal Information, 1,000 yen including tax per subscriber line will be charged as a processing fee. Additional processing fees may be charged if disclosure is requested in an irregular way.

For any inquiries regarding protection of Personal Information please call our Customer Service Center at:
03-3359-0028 [10:00AM - 5:00PM weekdays only. Excluding national holidays and holidays from end of December through January of the following year.]
For further information about the procedure of disclosures, please see below.

6. Revision of this Privacy Policy
Company may revise this Privacy Policy a) to protect Personal Information of the customer, b) to follow the amendment of laws, rules and guidelines. Company will announce the revision of this Privacy Policy via Company’s official website.
Company is the certificated business entity for the right to use of ’Privacy Mark’ representing a company that maintains systems for the appropriate handling of personal information.

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