Security Solutions Overview

C-Square provides information security solutions to meet your needs and supports the foundation for a secure environment that offers total control in an effective and efficient manner.

Information Security Topics
Counter-measures for non-company PCs
Counter-measures for removable devices
Office PC protection
XecureMedia XecureDesktop
User authentication on SSL platform Secure mail
XecureCrypto Series XecureMail Series
Database security Tracking management
XecureDB Series XecureLog
Counter-measures for unauthorized access, optimizing internal account management Electronic verification (data encryption, user authentication, electronic signature)
SafeIdentity XecurePKI
Control counter-measures for encryption key Credit card payment security
XecureKMI XecurePay
Security for online lotteries Detecting and blocking invalid PCs
XecureLotto XecureDetect
File sharing security for file servers

Community Solutions Overview

We provide community platforms such as CGM, blogs, and SNS. We offer a diverse range of web solutions for various business situations to help you form a fan base, acquire marketing data, optimize SEO, promote virally through online reviews, and share and accumulate internal knowledge. We can customize our trusted packages as a community platform and optimize it for your needs.

  • CLUB4U Group communities with proven results in Europe and Asia, centered around Japan and Korea
  • AVATAR Avatars allowing individual personalization using online characters and items
  • BLOG4U Blogs boasting high functionality and stability deployed on one of several major Japanese portal sites
  • AD4YOU High performance ad engine for Korean TV station and online news site
  • STAGE CHAT Broadband chat allowing users to chat with live streaming video in the background

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