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The finance company is registered as a money transfer business by the Ministry of Finance and runs overseas online remittance services.

We are a money transfer business service certified by the Ministry of Finance (Director General of the Kanto Regional Financial Bureau No. 00018)

C-Square was certified as a money transfer business on November 16, 2011 by the Ministry of Finance and started a remittance service from Japan to Korea since December 8, 2011.

Our online overseas remittance service allows you to deposit the funds to be transferred (in yen) within Japan, and the money can be withdrawn from the specified foreign's account in its local currency.

This service is convenient for various situations, from withdrawing cash on an overseas business trip to sending funds to a study abroad student, making payments for overseas orders, and sending funds to home country.

We have launched a global remittance service on August 31st, 2014, and a region specific remittance services for Nepal and South East Asia on Jan 27th and Apr 2nd, 2015.


Service Characteristics
  • Same day transfers from application to deposit (as fast as 30 minutes)
  • Member registration and transfer application can be easily completed online
  • Remittance fee is an industry low of only 480 yen
  • Exact amount to be transferred in yen or the local currency of the recipient account can be specified(Exparo)
  • No need to open a new bank account just for overseas remittances Simply transfer the funds to be remitted within Japan
  • Cash can be collected from at more than 300,000 locations throughout 200 countries and regions (Enremit)
  • Cash can be collected from at more than 950 locations throughout Nepal (Rupeesend)

Conventional Overseas Remittance

The general rules for sending funds overseas have always been set by banks as follows:

1. Procedures must be done in person at a service counter within the operating hours of the financial institution.
 ① Arrive at service counters within operating hours of financial institution
 ② Submission of a transfer request form and explanation of why transfer is required
 ③ Normally takes from 30 minutes to an hour just to complete procedures for overseas remittance

2. Miscellaneous service fees attached to overseas remittances
 ① Remittance fee
 ② Foreign exchange fee
 ③ Paying bank fee※
  ※service fee charged for withdrawing money from local bank.
   Japanese banks have the same incoming remittance service fee as noted on their websites.

3. Overseas remittances take quite a bit of time before deposited in recipient account.
 ① Foreign exchange transfer by financial institution: approx. 4 - 5 days
 ② International foreign exchange transfer by post office: approx. 7 - 10 days

Service Flow

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