We provide quality technical service with professional engineers that have a broad working knowledge and technical expertise. We comprehensively support you from system construction to service operation for total satisfaction.


We can provide more than just system engineers and programmers. We can meet various needs by completely grasping and analyzing your business operations.
In order to respond to various needs and contract types, we also provide high quality technical services such as temporary staff and system engineering support(ses), as a certified staffing business. Based on your request, we can provide a large group of engineers and programmers from the early stage of your project.

Open and Mobile Systems(JAVA、PHP、ASP、C、Infra)

We have engineers familiar with object oriented programming (OOP) languages such as Java and frameworks such as Struts 2. We can design logical/physical schemas for database such as Oracle, SQL server, or the open source MySQL. We provide high quality technical services to thoroughly meet your needs including system development, infrastructure construction, and system operation and maintenance.

ERP System (SAP、EBS)

We have been highly recognized not only for our consultation services regarding the installation of ERP or our skill and expertise in technology, but because of our vast business and working knowledge. Our SAP certified consultants provide top quality support services for management/business reform by utilizing their accumulated experience. We can also offer the best service by coordinating with partner companies that possess many talented individuals with years of development experience and industry expertise.

Onsite System Development

Our engineers can undertake stationed positions and work onsite for projects with strict compliance rules. To ensure that the end user and the system integrator are both satisfied, we put our effort to keep excellent communication to provide technical service of the highest quality.

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