C-Square specializes in system integration revolving around the development of web systems that support back office operations with the construction of mobile systems and core systems.
We are also expanding our global business support through 'e-commerce','logistics', and 'financial' business units that are grounded in the latest web and mobile technology.
We add to your business by adding high value/efficiency and generating more cash flow by developing a multilateral business that integrates the total process of goods to revenue.

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Web Integration Mobile Integration Product HR・Outsourcing
We provide complete and total web integration from consulting to system development and site management, as your dedicated IT partner. We promptly respond to changes in mobile technologies and markets to construct systems that provide cutting edge functionalities. We provide the best solutions that boast high stability and flexibility in a customized package to meet all of your needs. We offer a wide range of expertise, dedicated technology, and specialists that can help you resolve any issue.
EC Company                         Global EC Losistic Company         Global Logistics Financial Company         Money Transfer
We can support you by launching and operating e-commerce websites that are strategically tailored to countries. We can help you reduce costs through streamlining and stabilizing the logistics/customs process. We offer overseas remittance services for Korea, Nepal, and 200 other countries.

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